How to Grow Your Child's...

Information to share with families of children with hearing problems of any type and degree, including ear infections and auditory processing difficulties.

- Minimize background noise: turn off T.V.
- Sing to your child! Fill their days with all kinds of music and songs.
- Speak in full sentences. Pronounce words clearly, with lots of melody.
- Stay close!
- Focus your child on listening. Call attention to sounds around the room. Point to your ear. Use listening words such as "you hear that" and "you were listening ".
- Emphasize sounds before vision.
- Talk about where objects are located. You will use many prepositions such as: in, on, under, behind, beside, next to, between. Prepositions are the bridge between concrete and abstract thinking,
- Describe sequences. Talk about the steps involved in activities as you are doing the activity. Sequencing is necessary for organizations.
- Read aloud every day. Try for 10 books per day.
- Name objects in the environment as you encounter them in daily routines.
- Talk about and describe how things sound, look and feel.
- Compare how objects or actions are similar and different in size and shape, smell, color or texture.

From the Audiology Department
The Montreal Children's Hospital
Tel. 514-412-4454

Source: Flexer, Carol. (2007). Conference on "Auditory Brain Development: The key Listening, Language and Literacy".

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