Government Benefits

Federal Benefits

Hopefully you are already receiving the Canada Child Tax Benefit. Plus if your child has special needs you can also apply for Child Disability Benefit through the Disability Tax Credit Certificate. Also the Quebec Government offers a Supplement for Handicapped Children, that your child may be eligible for too. Also all children born in Quebec receive the Child Assistance Measure, for more information please go to the website listed below. You will need one person from the medical profession, to fill it out to verify that your child is special needs. You can have anyone of these persons’ fill it out;

Medical doctor
                        Occupational Therapist
                        Speech-language pathologist
                        • Audiologist

If you’re living in the community and your special needs child needs adaptations in or outside of your home that is provided to you from the band. You can get your Band Councils to apply for the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program On-Reserve. This program gives funding to the Bands to help update, repair and make homes accessible to people with disabilities.

The Canadian Government's Child Tax Benefit Application, please click the link below:

The Canadian Government's Disability Tax Credit Certificate or Child Disability Benefit, please click on the link below:

The Quebec Government offers a Supplement for Handicapped Children, click on the link below:

For more information on the Child Assistance Measure, please follow the link below:

There is also a new benefit from the Federal Government called the "Registered Disability Savings Plan", it helps people with disabilities save for the future. Come check out this website:

Please contact your local Head of Awash or Uschiinitsuu to provide you with the forms or you can print them out yourself.

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