Finanical Support CHB

If your child needs to leave the community due to lack of special needs services in your community, contact the Coordinator of Special Education at the Cree School Board. You can find the email address and phone number under the Special Needs Resource Book. The Cree School Board receives applications for Off-Community funding, which are evaluated for eligibility according to the policy.




As for the Cree Health Board, if you are applying for financial support we need the following document:


  1. A letter of support from Cree School Board, stating that your child’s educational needs are not being meant locally.
  2. A letter requesting (asking) for financial support from the CBHSSJB, with an estimation (overview) of living expenses, income and information if you are getting any other financial support for living expensive  from another entities (like the CSB)
  3. A copy of your lease of where you and your child are living outside the Cree territory, where your child gets specialized services for their needs
  4. A letter of support or recommendation from your child’s doctor, saying they believe that your child is not receiving the care needed in the community and that your child needs specialized services at… (where your child will be receiving their specialized care)
  5. Proof that your child is in/participating in programs and services that will help and meet the needs of your child

Please fax or mail all your documents to Arnaituk Gagnon 

Fax: 819 855 2472

Mail: Cree Board of Health, Special Needs Services, Chisasibi, QC J0M 1E0

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