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Introduce yourself

Tell us about yourself and your family and your child and what types of special needs are you dealing with. What are you looking for by joining this forum? Is there specific information or support you are searching for?
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introduction/chat room.
5/19/2016 5:56 PM

Forum Rules

Do you have a complaint? Do you want to report a user who is not conforming to the rules?
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Forum Rules
7/20/2010 2:23 PM

Healthcare and care needs

Discuss your child’s special need and share any concerns about various heath care needs your child is receiving or you think should receive.
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Are you having education issues with your child? Deciding on education for a child with special needs can be a difficult experience.
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Picture Communication
2/9/2012 3:42 PM

Benefits and Grants

When you have a child with special needs, money can become a struggle. Have you had to take a lot of time off from work? Did you quit your job to support your child full-time? Have you received financial support and want to share tips with other families on how to obtain this help? What benefits are entitled to parents who have a child with special needs?
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8/10/2011 2:00 PM

Family life

Are you debating on how to adapt your house for special equipment? How much does it cost to have certain equipment installed? Do you have a renovation specialist to recommend? Discuss your housing problems and solutions here.
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Help needed

This is the section for you if you have a question on anything related to your child’s special need. Do you have any specific questions related to your child’s special need? Do you need help from a parent who might be living the same experiences? Or help from a certain type of specialist? Find someone in your community that can lend a helping hand.
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I would like to meet

Are you feeling alone and would like to talk to someone who is living the same experiences? Is your child longing for a friend that they can relate to? Enlarge your circle of friends here.
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Special Events

Do you have a special event to mention? A fundraising event or conference that could be interesting for other parents and families who have children with special needs? Post new events here.
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2012 Canadian Down Syndrome Conference
4/30/2012 1:20 PM

General Talk

Discuss general topics here. What are your hobbies, what movies have you seen lately? Take this time to chat with other members and make new friends!
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Quote of the week
10/17/2011 9:52 AM

Equipment and Toys for Sale

Do you have some special needs equipment or toys that are no longer being used and would like to sell? List your items here. This section is to be used by parents and families only.
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We may have what you need to borrow!
2/1/2012 1:43 PM
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